The product range of IMER-L&T truck mixers go from 4 m3 to 14 m3 capacity. Thanks to its special spiral blade design inside of the drum, it allows to carry the concrete for a long time without losing its characteristics and homogeneity. With high quality equipped hydraulic transmissions and gearboxes, of which are powered by the trucks engine set at 1500 RPM, it allows to reach the maximum rotation mixing speed of the drum. Such characteristic allows reducing the fuel consumption. The 30MNB5 steel sheet increase the life span of the drum for it has a very high resistance to corrosion.

Technical DataAxiesNominal CapacityGeometrical VolumeWater VolumeMin. Lenght (H)Min. Width (H)HeightWeight (H)
LT 3.7 H4x23 m³6,748 m³4,043 m³4500 mm2300 mm2302 mm2650 kg
LT 4.7 H4x24 m³8,584 m³4,910 m³4772 mm2300 mm2378 mm2800 kg
LT 5.7 H6x45 m³9,440 m³5,568 m³4990 mm2300 mm2436 mm2900 kg
LT 6.7 H6x46 m³10,854 m³6,688 m³5249 mm2300 mm2553 mm3100 kg
LT 7.7 H6x47 m³12,766 m³8,279 m³5872 mm2300 mm2656 mm3350 kg
LT 8.7 H6x48 m³13,868 m³9,011 m³6140 mm2300 mm2735 mm3550 kg
LT 8XL.7 H6x48 m³14,014 m³9,580 m³6143 mm2300 mm2735 mm3650 kg
LT 9.7 H6x4 - 8x49 m³16,143 m³10,024 m³6692 mm2500 mm2733 mm4200 kg
LT 10.7 H8x410 m³17,648 m³11,241 m³7033 mm2500 mm2793 mm4400 kg
LT 12.7 H8x412 m³19,628 m³12,304 m³7594 mm2500 mm2805 mm4800 kg
LT 12XL.7 H8x412 m³19,93 m³13,04 m³7727 mm2500 mm2827 mm5000 kg
LT 14.7 H10x514 m³22,763 m³14,316 m³8548 mm2500 mm2856 mm5200 kg


Flip-Over Chute

Manhole Configuration with New Seal

Drum Hydraulic Lock

Oil Cooler

Water Meter

Ergonomic Ladder and Platform

High-Pressure Mechanical Pump

Side Aluminium Cyclist Barriers

Safety Grid

Mudguards and S. Light EXT. Chute

Rear Bumper and Mud Flaps

Water Tanks


Closing Flap

Hydraulic Half Plug

Vibrator on Discharge Chute

Ecological Hydraulic Plug

Additive Tank