Thanks to the special RAEX 300 steel, it is superlight and much more wear resistant. The mixing drum is realized in special RAEX 300 steel having mechanical characteristics superior to the materials utilized so far for constructing truck mixers. The wear resistance of the RAEX 300 steel allows to reduce the steel sheet thicknees up to 3 mm, keeping, or better, increasing, its life. In the mixing blades, RAEX 450 steel is being used.

Technical Data Axies Nominal Capacity Geometrical Volume Water Volume Min. Lenght (H) Min. Width (H) Height Weight (H)
LT 8.7 H SL 6x4 8 m³ 13,868 m³ 9,011 m³ 6135 mm 2300 mm 2735 mm 3032 kg
LT 9.7 H SL 6x4 - 8x4 9 m³ 16,143 m³ 10,024 m³ 6558 mm 2500 mm 2733 mm 3599 kg
LT 10.7 H SL 8x4 10 m³ 17,648 m³ 11,241 m³ 6901 mm 2500 mm 2793 mm 3858 kg


Flip-Over Chute

Manhole Configuration with New Seal

Drum Hydraulic Lock

Oil Cooler

Water Meter

Ergonomic Ladder and Platform

High-Pressure Mechanical Pump

Side Aluminium Cyclist Barriers

Safety Grid

Mudguards and S. Light EXT. Chute

Rear Bumper and Mud Flaps

Water Tanks


Closing Flap

Hydraulic Half Plug

Vibrator on Discharge Chute

Ecological Hydraulic Plug

Additive Tank

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