Trailer mixers provide mixing the maximum capacity of the concrete legally and also using the semi-trailer tractor for multiple purpuses thanks to its quick-coupling system. There are three main capacities: 12m3, enlarged 12m3, 14m3.

Technical DataMixer WeightTrailer WeightTrailer + Mixer WeightTrailer LenghtTrailer Width
LT 12.7 H Treyler Mikser4,100 kg3740 kg7840 kg7799 m2550 m
LT 12XL.7 H Treyler Mikser4,320 kg3900 kg8220 kg7935 m2550 m
LT 14.7 H Treyler Mikser4,520 kg4040 kg8560 kg9020 m2550 m


Flip-Over Chute

Manhole Configuration with New Seal

Drum Hydraulic Lock

Oil Cooler

Water Meter

Ergonomic Ladder and Platform

High-Pressure Mechanical Pump

Side Aluminium Cyclist Barriers

Safety Grid

Mudguards and S. Light EXT. Chute

Rear Bumper and Mud Flaps

Water Tanks


Closing Flap

Hydraulic Half Plug

Vibrator on Discharge Chute

Ecological Hydraulic Plug

Additive Tank


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