In April 2006 IMER-L&T was established at Aksaray to produce concrete truck mixers in partnership with IMER Group, which is one of the leading industrial companies of Europe, together with Senior Mechanical Engineer Metin Uygur. In a very short time, the production plants, with an annual production capacity of 2000 state-of-the-art technology truck mixers, became one of the leading truck mixer producer in Europe. The production plants work under conditions respecting the ecological and environment norms, respecting the limit of the noise level and the expulsion of dust and fumes.

The design of the mixers is customer oriented done by an efficient and flexible organization of R&D, which is then produced with efficiency and with a high qualitystandard, with a sales that is explicitly structured and with a memorable service of the ASS units. After Sale Services
Unit ensures that the customers’ needs of spare part and service are met immediately. With the top quality and dedicated staff enables the company to reach a high performance level, allowing it to be reliable and to have an innovative design. IMER-L&T is at the same time superstructure production company approved by Mercedes-BenzTurk Inc, Ford Automotive Industry Inc., MAN Truck and Bus Trade Inc, Volvo Trucks Turkey and Renault Trucks.


  • Existing company technological capability and capacity in line, all products of our customers meet world standards and service expectation
  • Of our customers, our employees increase their satisfaction
  • Targets without damaging the environment and nature, the relationship that we institutions and individuals to perform in harmony
  • Contribute to world, national and regional economy
  • An important role in the development of our business with existing and new products, taking constantly being entrepreneurial
  • Construction sector to contribute to global developments


  • Our customers and IMER L & T's future play a role in shaping the product, service, and to invest in human capital, we Turkey continues to be the best example of all the services the company to be the world.


In order to protect and preserve our environment, we will comply with the legal requirements and achieve our goals and objectives, reduce environmental impact as a result of our operations, and strive for the continuous improvement of our environmental performance and environmental awareness. We have created an environmental policy to contribute to the ecological balance and to provide clean and adequate resources for future generations. The basis of our environmental policy is to provide the best service in our business and minimize any environmental impact of our operations. Our goal is to help the future generations to leave a clean world with sufficient resources. We carry an environmental protection concept that minimizes the damage to the environment by reducing the use of natural resources and aims to reduce the risks that may occur.

That is why our policy is;

  • To comply with the environmental legislation in our country and to keep them up to date,
  • Delivering clean and healthy environment,
  • Leaving a livable world for future generations for sustainable living,
  • To influence not only IMER GROUP members, but also our customers, all environmental enterprises and employees with the environmental movement we initiated,
  • Ensuring their participation by raising awareness about our responsibilities towards the environment, • Living in harmony with nature, protecting air, water, natural life,
  • Protecting and replicating green,
  • Being a conscious consumer, avoiding unnecessary consumption and waste, contributing to the preservation of nature,
  • To provide human resources, technology and financial resources necessary to reduce our environmental impacts and to use energy efficiently,
  • To minimize waste, to prevent pollution at its source, to use energy efficiently and to reduce the negative effects of our activities on the environment,
  • Identify and mitigate risks for environmental emergencies,
  • Reducing the emergency risks that may occur within the framework of occupational health and safety rules, and establishing the health, safety and environmental integrity.

In line with our above commitments;  Reducing and preventing air and water pollution, leaks and spills and noise as much as possible, reducing the use of packaging, ensuring that the packaging is recycled and reused, To ensure efficient use of energy and materials and to continuously improve our energy performance, Preventing and minimizing Environmental Factors related to new products to be produced in the future or new processes and activities to be developed, preferring energy efficient technologies and applications, To make energy efficiency projects for efficient use of energy and to carry out activities that will increase the use of renewable energy resources, To provide energy efficient products and services in production and all our processes. In this context, T.C. The laws and regulations published by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization are adhered to and an effective waste management plan is planned and the staff is informed.


IMER Management believes that all accidents are preventable and that this goal will be achieved through continuous self-improvement and Zero Accident Policies. All of our employees are expected to comply with occupational health and safety requirements and to protect the environment, property and property while carrying out their activities. This expectation includes not only IMER employees in the production process of IMER, but also all of the employees of joint venture, employer personnel, subcontractors and suppliers. IMER's policy is to provide a safe environment for its employees, subcontractors and visitors by taking preventive measures and eliminating potential dangers in all their production. IMER and its employees undertake to comply with and comply with all applicable legal and ethical requirements of the country in which they operate. Occupational health and Safety; starting from the engineering studies, all stages of production are handled first. A concrete, comprehensive and effective OHS Management Plan is prepared by IMER authorities to implement this policy.

The basis of achieving this goal is; 

  • Well-informed and motivated to reach the Zero Accident Target,
  • Adopts the philosophy that the time to be allocated for the safe fulfillment of all tasks and duties is indispensable,
  • Keeping and protecting the environment as it is, or fulfilling the need for improvement,
  • Is sensitive to all dangers, conscious, responsible and preventive consciousness, the existence of labor and management.

In the implementation of the OHS management plan, all employees are responsible for taking all necessary measures within their competencies. This responsibility covers the elimination of all hazards or notification of potential hazards to the supervisor, and actively participating in and supporting all occupational safety measures.