Wet System

The product range of IMER-L&T truckmixers go from 4 m3 to 14 m3 capacity. Thanks to its special spiral blade design inside of the drum, it allows to carry the concrete for a long time without losing its characteristics and homogeneity.


Dry System

Thanks to special mixing design, 2000 lt capacity water tank and water meter; dry type mixers provide mixing the unmixed concrete in short time. Beside this; these type of mixers supply carrying the concrete in excess high/low temperatures


Super Light

Thanks to the special RAEX 300 steel, it is superlight and much more wear resistant. The mixing drum is realized in special RAEX 300 steel having mechanical characteristics superior to the materials utilized so far for constructing truck mixers.


Semi Trailer

Trailer mixers provide mixing the maximum capacity of the concrete legally and also using the semi-trailer tractor for multiple purpuses thanks to its quick-coupling system. There are three main capacities: 12m3, enlarged 12m3, 14m3.


Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belt is driven by a hydraulic transmission unit which is mounted on the secondary auxiliary PTO of the truck. The conveyor belt can rotate 290° degrees on its axis.


Tunnel Type

Tunnel mixers, which have been designed in order to be used in tunnel and HEPP projects and in low height areas, provide ease of use their by special design and ideal height.


Our Business Partners

With the production experience of many years, we have become business partner of the World’s biggest truck manufacturers.