Human Resources

"Thanks to our personnel possessing self-confidence and team spirit, we progressed forward, designed together, and at the end of the day, we learned that the key to success was becoming a good team.

We adopted the idea of expert and self-disciplined personnel who would contribute to competitive edge at the national and international level and who would seize the spirit of being a team.

From the smallest to the biggest link inside and outside the organization, we preferred to work with personnel that would represent our company in the best way and fulfill their tasks in a complete and effective manner. Based on all these, we have built a team of personnel within the framework of the qualifications of discipline, competency and trust; based on the principles of female – male equality, equal pay for equal work, promotion in line with the skills and capabilities, equal recruitment of young talents open to improvement and adults that will become distinctive with their experience. So, in parallel with their skills, we have opened our doors to anyone who has set his/her heart on our company.


Our Human Resources Policy to achieve Company goals;


  • Selection, recruitment and briefing of qualified personnel in accordance with supply and demand,
  • Having explicit and clear job definitions,
  • Socio-cultural company philosophy to improve efficiency,
  • Motivational activities to increase service quality,
  • Updating seniority, experience and innovative advantages regularly according to the changing conditions,
  • Increasing the amount and continuity of participation to training programs,
  • Regular analysis of Performance/Talent/Background evaluations,
  • In-company crisis management.


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